More Arsty moments

Yesterday was great day to simply read and continue to create with my current art projects. Holiday mode completely activated now for me πŸ˜† And so no blog posts yesterday, just time out for quiet reflection instead. We all need those kind of days sometimes, and boy did I need it. I got to also hang out and talk with my brother, Ashley which is always a blast.

It has been hot weather these past couple of days, but thankfully we have had a strong sea breeze to cool it all down again, nothing like what we had over the Christmas period, that was definitely an usual weather pattern.

I also started a Bible plan by You tuber How to Faith a life, it is currently taking me through Genesis and Acts, the later I haven’t actually read before in any real depth. And my goodness the aha moments are coming thick and fast indeed. Faith has done a really good job with this Bible reading plan. It also meant I got to open and use my new study Bible, that I picked up second hand at my local Op shop for $25 and it is definitely worth it’s weight in gold.

Beautifully designed

It has tabs on all the books and looks as if it has been well looked after indeed, and now it has found a home with me indeed. All my Bibles service a purpose, to help me grow closer to the Lord as well as help me continue my faith journey forward.

Other Art project..

This is my other art project in progress as well, a canvas I am doing for my Bestie’s granddaughter, been awhile since I first offered to do it, but oh well better late than never, as they say. Autumn tones are my favourite hues indeed, and my Bestie’s daughter loves them as well, and so no baby pink colours here for Amelia, which I am kinda of glad, pink can often be not only limiting colour design wise, but I also feel it is a little cliche as well.

I used gold sticker letters and a collection of my Faber Castel connector pens to colour the canvas in, very simple beginnings indeed, before I totally Kylie the whole piece up. I decided once coloured I would leave the canvas to fully dry before I added any more details. And also I like to savour my creative process and not rush straight through it, that kind of defeats the purpose.

Ciao for now Kitty-Kat xox And hope you have a great day xox

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