Holiday fun

Feels like Summer…

Currently my favourite song is called Feels like Summer by Samuel Jack, just one of those tunes you can’t get out of your head, once you hear it. If Summer could have a sound this is certainly one of the best songs to fully describe the whole season. We have had a week of cooler weather and now going into a couple of days over 38°c + which is SUMMER in Western Australia too a tee. I love the whole feel of summer, with that freshness in the air, and the light as an artist which is what you dream about. The sky is what truly makes my heart sing, because it is so very big, and the hues of blue just simply awe and amaze me. Words can not be used to express how I truly feel, whenever I look up at the sky.

I feel very blessed to be living here on the West coast of Australia, sunshine that can not compare to anywhere else on earth. Yes a little bit biased, but I have travelled the world. Anyway I feel only natural to love your hometown above all else. Currently sitting in a sun filled bedroom with blinds open wide, however window shut because of the heat building up outside. Great time to sit and type out a Blog post or two 😉 These quiet summer days are made to journal and create, to daydream as well which I truly adore to do. Probably favourite past time from childhood you could very well say, staring out a window or at the pages of a book. All great times to ponder and daydream a cure for all that ails you.

Early evening Mum and I have been going outside and watching the beautiful sunsets, amazing colours and never ever the same, just when you think you have seen the very best. It is topped again the very next evening. All seems at peace during this little window, everyone seems glued to the sky above, instead of eyes looking at a phone screen. I personally feel clouds look the best to the naked eye, and I have never really taken a photo that ever did them justice at all. Maybe just me, but the colours take my breathe away.

That light…truly amazing
Quiet time….

I am so glad for my Summer holidays, time to simply lose yourself in the world of lazy days and nothingness ahead, no plans if you wish. To truly live within the moments of the present, not past or future, the here and now. I guess that is a hangover from childhood memories if Summer holidays, days to simply be and not worry about the madness of the modern world. I guess now as I grow older, I try to hold onto that feeling. I let go of control and see where the wind will take me, and believe me it has been a beautiful ride. A lot of memories made and people to hold dear.

Adieu for now Kitty-Kat xox And hope you have a great day xox

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