Loving audio books…

World of Narnia…

I have always been an avid reader, but lately I have dipped my toe into audio books, and boy have I been pleasantly surprised to actually enjoy them. I started with a childhood favourite Chronicles of Narnia, which are read by British actor Michael York, it has been absolute bliss. Going to bed has been great, because I get to escape to the land of Narnia again and again. I constantly get caught up in the book and want to immediately turn my wardrobe into a gateway to Narnia.


I always unrightly so that audio books were for the young or the old, I have now reassessed that opinion. Now I am looking for more and more things on audio books and have a reading list as long as your arm you could say. Audio books can go anywhere with you, but of course will never replace my physical books. Just an added tool you could say. Great for sleepless nights indeed.

Childhood memories of books on tape or record.

Audio books have come a long way from read along cassette tapes and even vinyl records, of my childhood late 1970’s and early 1980’s. Now Spotify and Google to mention a few have audio books to suit any taste or genre you may want to read. Although I do miss those read-along books, some which we still use in the Kindergarten classroom to encourage young readers. They really helped me to read more fluently and discover the amazing world of words. Never have I grown out of that at all, even as an adult.

Yes as always I have taken a rabbit hole, down another tangent, you could say and would be totally right in saying so indeed. Audio books have become a great investment in my current Summer time reading we always fall into when faced with weeks of endless Summer days. I pretty much think, along with Christmas, they a big days for bookacholics among us. Time to really set up reading lists and plans for the year to come. So it is safe to say I am definitely a convert to audio books, and wonder when I finish the Complete set of Chronicles of Narnia, what my next adventure in audio may be ?

So maybe if you haven’t already, give audio books a go 😊

Adieu for now Kitty-Kat xox And hope you have a great day xox

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