First week of school year 2022

Kindy days…
Budding artists

Well I survived the first week of double Kindy classes, thank goodness indeed. Full on week in the life of an Kindy aide, children to meet and new personalities to discover. You suddenly remember oh yeah they are only 3 years old, and you my friend are back at clean slate moment. Please send lots of chocolate and Pepsi max stat…

On the bright side really enjoy this age group of children, so excited by school and not jaded in the least,such a pleasant surprise for me. My previous students are also saying hi on yard duty and checking in with Miss Sanders. I totally feel like a rock star everyday I go to school. Greatest feeling in the entire world.

Kindys did handprints and 1st painting to mark their first week at Kindy, we also did pics for keepsake for the Parents. Of course masks were essential and everybody acted like adults, masks becoming the new norm. Although wearing them in 35°c + weather can be a challenge indeed. I know my fellow Australians can relate at the moment.

Playdough and making cardboard crowns were other activities on our agenda, and currently working 2nd year with the Teacher I assist, loads of fun and games. I can not wait to see what the new school year will bring. Seeing my students flourish and grow my main objective for sure.

There were a few crying children, some did fine first day and second day realized just what was going on. It amazes me just how perspective children are to us adults. Especially when we think we are being rather smart in our dealings with them. A lot of the time they seriously pull the wool over our eyes.

Kindy is never a dull moment and I would not have it any other way, worts and all. Already have plenty of material for yet another book on what Kindergartners say, volume number, lost count. Both groups are very different indeed as is children in general. Quite a few younger siblings as well, which is a lot of fun, to have taught whole families of children.

Anyway ciao for now Kitty-Kat xox And hope you have a great day xox

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