Pencil madness

Rainbow spectrum…
I 🧡 pencils

I am a really big art lover, my collection of art supplies could very well be a small store you might say. What can I say, I love art supplies and stationery supplies as well.

I have several different types of coloured pencils, they range from Faber Castell, Lyra, Crayola, Staedtler to mention but a few. I have watercolour pencils, ink intense pencils, metallic pencils as well as pastel pencils.

A whole rainbow spectrum of pencils you could say, and I never get tired of using them, or colouring my days away. It relaxes me and helps me focus as well, as just being enjoyable too. And why not for sure.

Pencils aren’t just for little children indeed. Adults should never lose their magic, and colour outside the lines for all it worth. I love looking at my pencils and of course will sort the tins into rainbow hues, it just looks so very much more pleasing to our eyes. To see a rainbow kaleidoscope of colours everywhere.

So go out and let out your inner artist.

Find the rainbow 🌈

Adieu for now Kitty-Kat xox And hope you have a great day xox

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