Open road…

Open road…

Lately I have been wanting to travel again, since the pandemic that has been impossible for the last two years, but with Western Australia opening up, maybe just be able to spread my wings again. Road trips are truly my favourite way, the planning, the music, the excitement all make me so very happy. Open road ahead just makes me want to go out, and take a bus somewhere far, far, away.

I guess for a lot of people travelling again is doable, maybe very caution, but nevertheless a beacon of hope anyway. I must admit that I am very much a wanderlust spirit, HOME is important to me, but also I love to go out and explore the world.

Colourful countryside delights…

When I lived in the UK a lot of the time I used to go on short day trips to Brighton, or London, anywhere on a whim. They were the most exciting and memorable times, no plans just pack my stuff for a day, and off I set. To destinations unknown. It was blissful and spontaneous as well, time spent on a bus or train really opened my eyes to the world in my own part of the UK.

So I feel more day trips are on the cards for me in the very near future. I try not to plan too heavily due to current restrictions may drop at short notice. But surely a little day trip to maybe Bunbury could be on in the works. Fremantle as well and even Rockingham foreshore, anywhere not directly at home I guess.

Change of scenery…

Short break after the upheaval of these past couple of years. We all need to feel and see the open road for just awhile.

Ciao for now Kitty-Kat xox And hope you have a great day xox

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