The In-between seasons

Autumn tones…
Springtime pastels…

I was journaling in my journal this morning and thought, why not write a blog post about my journaling. I was writing about this in-between seasons we currently find ourselves in at the moment, Autumn in Australia, and Spring in the rest of the Northern hemisphere. I feel not enough is written about these very important times of the year. They get glossed over by Winter and rainy/snowy days and Summer with blue skies/hot weather. They are simply seen as stop gaps between the main events you could very well say, it’s not anybody’s fault, just the way it is.

It feels that the season has changed simply overnight, but Autumn has been slowly, and quietly taken over from Summer’s mighty grip. Autumn is here and all of the flowers have gone to bed, awaiting Spring in a couple of months time. And yet the blooms may have gone, but the leaves on the trees decorate our landscape. Excite us with their FLAIR and COLOUR. Entertain us as they fall from the dizzying heights of the trees. Blooming Autumn in a different, and yet unique style, not showy or brass like Spring can be, but also subtle and beautiful in it’s own way.

Fallen leaves…

I really love the in-between seasons, before the real WINTER CHILL cools down the land, or the HOT SUMMER MONTHS that heats up my world. Autumn and Spring are my favourite times of the year. They appear to me always to be looked over by their showy cousins. These in-between times feel more real and raw, they tell struggles of seasons not wanting to let go and yet everything needs to come to an end, eventually. Nothing lasts forever, and shouldn’t, life constantly is changing and that is ok. It is as it should be.

And so ends a page in my journal I wanted to share with the world, with the blogosphere at large. Let me know what you think? Do you have a favourite season ?

Hello Autumn…

Ciao for now Kitty-Kat xox And hope you have a great day xox

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