Where the heck is green sheep

Kindergarten children are the best, so innocent and yet so worldly at the same time. Powerful combination indeed. Today was no exception, one of my Kindy children got a lot impatient about the disappearance of green sheep in a storybook the teacher was reading.

Every page meant no green sheep, and so by fifth page when the Teacher read; “Where is green sheep ?” The answer from the Kindy child was and I quote directly “Where the heck is the green sheep?” Well you could of heard a pin drop. Myself and the Teacher tried not to laugh, I however got the giggles.

The poor relief Teacher had to continue to read this book, would the lost green sheep finally be found. And would the Kindy child who said heck be told off ? So much excitement for a late Friday afternoon indeed.

Where is green sheep will never be the same for me. Sometimes we need too take a leaf out of children’s book, and not take life so seriously indeed. Just be free to be funny and just a little silly and all so very sassy as well. I do love working with young children, they are so very free and honest with their feelings.

It has been a couple of days since I started to write this blog post and it still makes me smile this little anecdote about Green sheep. I think it will always been a warm memory for me, in years to come, always put a smile on my face, whenever I think of it.

Currently while I am writing this blog post I am listening to a Spotify playlist about Sundays, and the music is quite good mix of pop and just a little Indie music for me. I was watching a little You Tube videos, and thought why not write a little on my Blog, something I haven’t done for a few days. So here I am typing away on my phone.

So very true words πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–
Cosy reading place…

I have enjoyed getting back into reading as well, I finished reading the diary of Anne Frank, which I have probably read over a dozen times over the years. It never gets old, and never stops hurting in it’s impact on me. I am also reading a book about the history of Amsterdam as well, which has been very insightful. A place I have always wanted to visit, but haven’t gotten to quite yet.

Reading seems so inviting during these cozy cold weather days and nights. And so I will leave this blog post right here, on a very cold Sunday here in Perth, Western Australia and say Adieu for now.

Kitty-Kat signing off xox

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