Cozy June days

Sunlight …
Warm drinks and comfy socks ….
Tea from a real teapot…
Listening to music…
Trips to the local bookshop…
Rainy day walks…

I think other than Autumn days, June more colder winter days have to be my favourite indeed. For these are the days of cold mornings, cozy nights inside tucked under a blanket and of course the Winter Solstice as well earlier this week. Rainy days and sunny crisp days are what this month is all about.

Finding that sunny place indoors to read,drink hot chocolate and watch nature outside the closed window. Blissful times for me indeed. My trusty blankie never leaves my side at the moment, so comfy and cozy keeps not only the cold away, but also keeps me calm as well. I guess we never grow out of blankies truly ever ?

June is also time to hide away in local bookshops, escape a shower of rain or really windy day too. The quietness of the store full too the brim with books, everywhere your eyes can possibly see. Hidden treasures within any cover, you need only, take one down and see.

Listening to music is also one of my favourite cozy ways to pass the time during June. Especially after long day at school I like to come home, have a hot shower and just put together Spotify playlists of seasonal music. At the moment Hollow Coves is one of my go too music put on. So mellow and just like a gentle ride on a cloud.

Rainy day walks are fun too. The familiar places look so different in the rain and grey skies. Maybe even jump in a puddle or two, always a possibility indeed. Umbrella in hand hearing rain on the material, just seems so soothing and wonderful all at once. The rain makes everything seem new and shiny again, which makes me smile for sure.

Here is too June days 😍😍😍

Ciao for now Kitty-Kat xox And hope you have a great day xox

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