Journal writing

Recently I have fallen in love with writing in my journal, not just day to day topics, but also journal prompts that I have been collecting like kids collect Pokemon balls. They are especially good when you are struggling with something to write or wanting to write and not quite sure what too.

I collect mine on Pinterest, as well as any journal apps that are easily found on google playstore . Usually fill up notebooks with them and I also big list person as well. They can range from a word, to a whole sentence or topic, all I know is they help me out when I get stuck. I also use picture prompts to help me think a little more creatively, they usually come from magazines or good old Pinterest.

One of these can start me on the way to journal heaven.

Another way to kickstart your journaling is to use phrase stickers often brought out for scrapbooking purposes but can also be useful in your journal. I also use letter stickers as well as collecting pictures from magazines and social media to help my journal writing.

I find that I learn a lot about myself through my journal and that I often put a lot of myself in it’s pages. It is a good idea to reread your journal as well to see where you have come and also where you are heading in the future.

I encourage anybody to take it up and you need no special equipment to start it, just a pen and notebook will do nothing fancy just getting it all on paper is the key. You will wonder why you didn’t start before ,don’t fear the blank page ‘cos it is a challenge you can take on. So go start your journal and enjoy writing for yourself.

Kitty-Kat xox

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