Luna diary

I’ve mentioned before about using an app called Journey for online journal, which I am currently using and loving to bits,so easy to write on my smartphone on the go.Now I have found another app I am using called “Luna diary ” it’s fantastic way to keep my journaling safe.

One of the features I just adore is the more you write in it the more stars,moon and flowers you collect on it. Today when I opened it up I had a shooting star which was great to see. It keeps everything in Month by month folders and also has a calendar if you need it. I pay for the premium watercolour background and it creates a scene the more you use it. I do my journal writing and prompts in it as well as some day to day writing, I just can’t stop using it for my creative writing as well and I love that you can go back to entries and add or cut out stuff. It is also good app to get your ideas out on somewhere if you don’t want to write longhand or on paper. So I recommend to anybody wanting to use technology to your advantage this is an app to do it with.

Kitty-Kat xox

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