Yes the school holidays are upon us, after thinking they would never get here they finally have started. I think everyone on Friday was wishing the day would simply end and when it did there was a huge sigh of relief.

Now is time to relax, recharge and recover. Long days of catching up with family and friends, writing and reading of course as well as giving my art some needed attention.

Happiness is not getting up with the alarm clock and being able to roll over for an extra zzz. Of course there is shopping to do and seeing what I can do with my craft stash that is like Christmas everytime I open a box. I can plan some more blog ideas for posts instead of writing without a net, although fun probably not the thing to do in the long term. My journal calls as well to be filled with all of those lovely words I like to try out and then write in her pages. But I am not busy, it will all be done in good time, I am living at a slower pace and I am loving it, bringing back the sense of wonder and play I had as a child to my adult self.

Two weeks is not forever but it is a start of living slower and with intend. I’ve read so many articles lately about play, curiosity and technology, to me I think life should be lived to enjoy and in moderation, because they all have their place in our world just not too much of one thing.

So here I go …

Kitty-Kat xox

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