Sense of wonder

I recently read an article about children losing their sense of wonder, which really sadden me, that children are losing their childhoods younger and younger. More alarmingly children who don’t know how to play or use their imaginations. It paints a dark future for children around the world and far into the future. What the consequences are won’t be known for some time, but there will be some backlash from this lack of play. A lot can be said for technology being used by children too young, especially what it may do to their development and health in the long-term.

Yes it is good on one hand, but not for very young children, they still need the face to face contact and chance to play. Children need the opportunities to simply play uninterrupted and be outside not locked up inside with television, ipads and gadgets.

I work as an EA in both a kindy class and a year 1/pp class, as well as experience working in child care field, creche and as a Nanny in the UK. It saddens me each year the children seem to be lacking in skills, most upsetting is the lack of being able to simply play without an adult directing them how too.

At first I thought it might be a one off, but it’s been getting steadily worse each year, an alarming tend indeed to see. However it is not all doom and gloom with me, because I refuse to let this happen to the children in my charge, I am teaching these play skills so that they don’t lose their sense of wonder or their childhoods. I am giving them every opportunity to develop into well rounded adults who did not have to grow up before their time nor had to lose their childhoods.

I think in summing up I feel children need that sense of wonder and play, it is where they learn all they need to become great human beings in society.

Kitty-Kat xox

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