Coffee shop : Writing on the move

Dome cafe Freo, time for me to write out of my comfort zone (my bedroom) out in public amongst the masses. I’ve got my trusty tablet by my side and heading for the great unknown at a breakneck speed. Aside all pictures were taken after writing time and while waiting for my Mum.

The Freo Dome is no stranger to me and my creativity, at this very seat I have done my unique artwork and survived so here goes to the writing.

I boot up my tablet get myself onto free wifi and away I go, and yes I go the rest of the cafe dims as my fingers fly across the screen. I answer question after question on my journal apps and feel extremely happy with myself. Yes I can write anywhere and to hell with the other people around me. I might sometimes look up and wonder how to spell some really daft and easy word. And yes I sound it out like one of my students. I sip my chai latte and emerge myself into the zone of writing. I look around now and then to watch what my Nanna calls the passing parade, then back to the keyboard I go. I have about a solid hour of writing and much to my Mum upset when she joins me I am still typing away. Ever the mother she picks up her knitting and away she go making a baby cap from nothing at all . Being the good daughter I decide an hour writing is enough and lunch is called. Success I can write in a coffee shop I feel so bohemian, so french I think and very chic indeed.

Kitty-Kat xox

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