Weekend is here

Saturday morning has rolled around again and not a moment too soon. Weekends to me are sacred days, days where I can kick back and spend time writing, reading and relaxing my favourite past times. As well of course some art, always time for art.

Yes there are other little things to do, but everything is much slower on a weekend I find and to rush is such a no no.

We are so lucky for a brilliant sunny day today as well, weather to inspire my writing I am quite sure of that. Time to be pamered as I get my nails done as well today.

Weekends are special days to chill out and let time past you by and get off that mad rush we are all so guilty of these days. Do we need to be doing stuff 24/7 ? No that is why my weekends are time for me too simply let my life be, no deadlines or schedules just free time to simply be me.

So I say hurray to weekends

Kitty-Kat xox

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