Weekend here !!!

Yes it is Saturday and the weekend is here again. I’m sitting on my bed typing this post out and hearing the rain falling as well as the blustery winds coming and going outside my window. Winter is here for sure and the inner child in me wants to go out and jump in every puddle I can see. The wind is a bit fresh but I love the way it plays with my hair and blows in my face, it makes you feel glad too be alive. I am also catching up with my blog posts and publishing ones that have been in my draft pile for a few days, it is always boom or bust in that respect of writing.

Today I’m going out to the Quilt show with Mum and my Auntie Colleen, which I am really looking forward too and can’t wait to see all the goodies they have there for me to buy.

I also have been busy reading books at the moment and enjoying the weather to simply curl up with a good book. The books on my list are; The Invisible Library by Genevieve Cogman book 1, The haunted Library selected by Tanya Kirk, World war Z by Max Brooks and Weather land by Alexandra Harris.

It is quite a few but I am a very fast and well read reader. I am forever with my head and nose in a book as my Nanna would of said.

I also have been busy typing away in my journals about all my travels and living overseas which is coming along nicely that I may publish a little on my blog real soon so keep an eye out for that in future posts.

I am very much enjoying my writing again like I did not think I would. It gives me a great way to express myself and get out any problems I maybe troubling with. It also means I get too write here on my blog with all of my followers out there in cyberland. I really enjoy finding stories and items to write in my blog which also helps me to slow down and really take a closer look at the world right in front of me. It also means I can post lots more as well as and keep the progress going. It is also a good habit to take up blogging,because I am never stuck for a thing too write .

Kittty-Kat xox

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