Reading weather is here

Now that the weather is finally turning quite wintry it is time to find a good place to curl up and hide away with a book or two. Don’t get me wrong there is no particular time too read, but you must admit Winter with cold and rainy days what else would you do ?

I usually have a couple of books on the go at once, mainly because I always more than one book too read at any one time. At the moment it is ghost stories, Zombies, weather and library, quite a mixed bag but hey that is just me need to be reading all genres at once. I also have several magazines to read as well in a pile on my bed.

I love to read anyway and anytime, but also I love to read in a comfy chair at a library or coffee shop if I’m not home. If I’m home it would have to be my bedroom on my comfy bed with all my books laid out around me. Believe me I have read just about anywhere you could think of in my lifetime. During high school it used to be on the bus going and coming too school. Honestly I could read pages while everybody else was going quite silly around me. I think it should be counted as a highly as a skill that more people need.Just now I have finished a book about collected ghost stories and now will start a classic book by Thomas Hardy called “The return of the native “. I mix it up classic with contemporary books just to keep me on my toes.

Again I find rainy weather great weather too simply read the day away when and if I can. I find myself get wrapped up in all the different time periods and language of the book as well as extending my vocabulary. Reading is soothing pastime that doesn’t cost the earth and is very portable wherever you go a book can come along.

Reading weather by far is the very best weather there is.

Kitty-Kat xox

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