Sunday night walk

I went to a night ghost tour at Woodmans point quarantine station and it was great. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but found it informative and also saw and felt things wasn’t expecting to actually happen. Rebecca who runs the tour is really welcoming and friendly person who guides you around the grounds and buildings. It probably helped that it was a windy, rainy and cold Sunday night that helped the atmosphere even more to set you on edge. I was deeply fascinated by the history of the place so close too Fremantle and yet nobody really knew anything about it. I also felt when we were walking in the bush isolation and loneliness these poor souls must of felt trapped in this place instead of being out in the world starting a new life.

It really interested me about the Vietnam war veteran aspect that they sent men there with a psychologist and wham after a weekend they were cured of their Post Traumatic stress disorder like that. When in reality most of these men committed suicide, which was mention on the tour, I really felt for them. Then when I came home and talked to my Dad he said yes it was like a halfway house for Vets and he did not go there because he had heard of the guys who took their own lives.

I also think of those poor people wanting a new life and ending up there because they happened to get sick. They must of felt so lost and scared in a new country and then all the horrors of an quarantine station. The thing is the place maybe sad, but there is no badness about it just people who wanted a new life and ended up never leaving the place. The children would of made the best of a bad situation and played the way they only know how too.

The weather truly played a part in Sunday night walk as well being very cold and windy it felt like there was so much energy there. It still looks so well looked after for it’s age and stands as a testimony too what has happened in our past.

I went in with an open mind and was not disappointed at all.

Kitty-Kat xox

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