Journal writing

Since I could hold a pen I have been writing and remember my very first diary which I got for one of my birthdays that was lockable as well. A place to keep my darkest desires and daily happenings, always scribbling with a pen in hand. All through my teenage years my angst was written down in a notebook now more cooler than a lockable diary so babyish. Somehow it became a journal not a diary over the years as often things change.

Until recently where it started being more than about my daily habits and what I had done. Now it is about everything and anything, stuff full with quotes I like and notes from books I am reading too favourite poems. My journal is also a place to put prompts when I want to write deeper in my journal and these are moments where I really get to know myself on a deeper level. I am cutting through all the fluffy stuff and answering harder questions which I adore doing. I also like to add my own spin by having pictures and washi tape etc to really make my journal my own.

My artistic habits mean I also like to add a lot of colour and my own abstract work amongst it’s pages. I have adapted my own style and love to simply sit with my journal and myself and play away. Along with my big stationery collection that is probably bigger than Officeworks.

My journals have also taken a technology leap too because I have two digital ones as well I love to type away in both on my smartphone and tablet. I love too that they are also password protected so no nosy brother to try and read them, not that my brother has ever been interested in my journals. I have found with these the love of writing return for me. I had lost my way with the written word after my cancer diagnose back in 2007. Now in 2018 my voice is back and will not be silenced again.

Now I also have my blog on WordPress which helps me practice my writing and journaling on a bigger platform than ever before. Still it is quite interesting that journaling has become very popular at the minute ? You see it all over social media and I can’t help wondering it if is a product of our often fast pace life that we need too connect with the written word on some level. We still whether typing online as in a blog or long hand in notebook feel the need to express ourselves in our writing.

Now that I have found my way back I will not be forgetting how much my writing has meant to me now and then. Maybe some day someone will be reading my blogs and see that journal writing are not dead.

Kitty-Kat xox

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