Awesome Concert

Last night’s Pink concert at Perth Arena was awesome despite the windy and wet Perth weather. Myself and a friend had tickets to see Pink and were blowen away at what an amazing show she put on. She hung from a pink chandelier while performing Beautiful trauma and had every single person at her concert on the edge of their seat at every twist and turn up on the high wire. Pink showed herself to be a great singer and entertainer and made sure she got to everybody at her Perth show.

I was singing and dancing and had the time of my life and would definitely go and see her again in concert. It was also good to be standing by the rails and able to see Pink up close to the point she smiled and touched her head as a nod to the cat’s ear headband I wore with pink ears and jewels. It had me in awe how in hundreds of people she made everyone feel special however small.

Their was a young girl standing next too me who was at her first rock concert and it was amazing and emotional to see a whole range of emotions fleet across her young face. Even better was to share that very special moment with her, a moment she will never ever forget in her life at all. We have all been their ourselves I know mine was 1927 with my Dad and I have fond memories of that first concert experience. It is filed away and seen as a golden moment never to be repeated again. You only get one first time and that young girl certainly chose a great first artist to see perform live.

Kitty-Kat xox

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