Packing time

Whenever I have to go somewhere and it’s time to pack I always seem to start with a list, the list is always so detailed that some people wonder how long I am in fact going for ? Yes I love to pack as much as going anywhere. I love to get my special packing list care of Kikkik that has the basics and then of course I add more. I have my toiletries and medicines and clothes and then there are my favourite cosmetics, but most importantly are my journal /writing and craft stuff that comes along wherever I go. That can be really hard depending on where it is I am going ? If it is overnight then I just have a notebook and my phone to write things done etc. Although if it is longer, say when I housesit then usually have a got a pack where I fit everything in and whereas my one bag that combines clothes/toiletries /medicines, I have a couple of bags for my craft/journal stuff. I guess that is where my priorities are craft first and clothes second.

What to pack ? I take recharges and torches aways good. Essentials for clothes, pretty much mix and match my stuff anyway. My toiletries everything to pamper and make me feel at home when I am away. My night clothes as well as favourite blankie and pillow that help me sleep better, you sure don’t want to be cold. I take my favourite teas etc that I love to drink and my medicines that I need.

What to pack ? Whereas my craft/journal stuff is my journal,pencil case with odds and ends, washi tapes, stickers (words), stickers general ones, collage A5 folder, hello kitty pencil case with crafty stuff need, my red leather pouch with notebooks with journaling ideas/lists, my tablet and my smartphone as well as more crafty stuff probably won’t use but hell if I don’t pack it I will surely need it for my journal pages.

As you can see my priorities aren’t myself but my crafty stuff 😄

If I was to go on a plane somewhere I would have to of course cut down my journal /craft stuff ,which would probably cause to have weeks of sleepless nights working out the right combo to take with me.

Yes you could say I am little bit of a Princess but hey where is the fun if we aren’t all a little bit different from one another. I just feel that packing for me is part of the adventure before I go away. And I pity the person who tries to take that away from me. I like to be organized and be prepared for anything, but funny enough if I forget something it really is no big deal, which begs to differ that I am not a complete control freak !

Anyway that is why they invented holiday shopping ? So you can have more room for stuff you have too have, but may not have had the room if you hadn’t left something behind. It is all interconnected on some level. I do believe this has become a ramble rant from me, there was a point somewhere ? Please feel free to let me know if you find it in the comment section below.

So off I go to check my list and see what else I may need.

Kitty-Kat xox

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