Winter holiday break

So ends the first week of my school holidays and it has been a real full on week of shopping, staying in a hotel and going to the Pink concert and getting VIP treatment. Now it’s Saturday afternoon and probably feel more human, if a little cold. Well it is Winter and a time too not be able to feel your fingers and toes till almost November at this rate.

It has been great to catch up with people and just enjoy myself without worrying about work for two weeks atleast, that doesn’t mean that I haven’t brought stuff for my Kindys, because I have. It has been good to recharge my batteries and be me for a little while, not an Educational Assistant or Miss Sanders, but simply Kylie. I love my work but it is wonderful to be a regular person for a couple of weeks.

I have got a new hairdo and colour as well as my nails done in mood changing nail polish. Next I will be doing a little housesitting for a friend and focus on my journal and my writing for awhile, both that have been neglected for some time. I will be writing some more blog posts and typing till my heart’s content.

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