Cafe moments

I love nothing better than a warming chai latte on a cold but sunny July day here in Fremantle, Western Australia. We must have some of the best coffee places in the world. Of course we have the famed Cappuccino strip one of my favourite places to spend a few hours on my winter break from school.

It can get busy at times, but is always worth a visit especially tourists and locals alike. You can also find other places off the strip that are quieter and not so crowded, but if you like to people watch like me then the more crowded the better.

Among the places I like too go in Freo are ;

Ginos, Dome and the Fremantle art centre has a lovely garden coffee shop that is devine too drink tea in. There are so many more to name but alas it would probably fill entire book.

Freo has been an old haunt of mine since my childhood and one of the places I grew up going too was Culleys. You could say my very first coffee shop ever, with the best sandwiches and nothing beats their horseshoe rolls just to die for. It was our little outing when Mum, my then baby brother and I would pop too Fremantle on the bus. Then after following Mum around town we would go to Culleys for lunch, I loved the horseshoe rolls, but also loved the sandwiches that came cut into triangles and each one was a different type, for years it took me to realize that it wasn’t magical just a slice from 4 different type of fillings. Anyway I felt like a Princess there.

Fast forward to being an adult I still like visiting Freo even though at the moment it appears to be going through a few changes and jury is out if they will help reboot the town or not. The Esplanade brings back memories of childhood playing in the playground that is still there. The Norfolk pines are a star attraction to me when in Freo and love when the breeze rushes through them and sounds like a roaring ocean.

I totally gone off topic and it is in fact called “Cafe moments.” I love to spend time reading, writing and drawing when popping into my local cafes. The lure of free wifi helps at times so I can write up blogging posts or any journaling entries I want to desperate write as well. It is good to chat up with friends and family in cafes and always good when you lose track of time and coffee intake so it becomes lunch or early afternoon tea.

Even when travelling I have managed to find cafes or tea rooms to pop into and rest my weary feet from the constant pounding on the pavement. I’ve had real tea in London and my first Starbucks in Glasgow and even true Chinese tea ceremony in Spain. I’ve had a mocha in America ,where the coffee guy and I refused to see eye to eye over the pronouncement of the word Mocha. My Italian teacher would of been shocked at the butchering of the language.

They have simply become a part of my life and routine, cafes. I would love to tick off my cafe list however going too a true French cafe in Paris and a close second would be cafe in Florence or Italy somewhere. It is always a place no matter how far or close too home you are, you feel welcome and a place to hang out for awhile. That is a true cafe moment to me.

Kitty-Kat xox

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