School back next week

Well as I write this it is coming down to only a few more days of school holidays here in Perth, Western Australia. Now I go to work on Monday without the kids(called PD -professional development day) and start getting the classroom ready for the new term. Now I have enjoyed my break from work and students, but I am so looking forward to hearing all the stories and stuff my Kindys have been up too for the last two weeks. Yes I do miss them heaps and can’t wait to see all their little faces on Tuesday.

It also will be good to see all my workmates and see what things we will be doing this term with the children. It will be back to cold tea and coffee, I have enjoyed finishing my tea while it was still hot these last couple of weeks. Oh well all part of an EA’s job !

There will be paintings to do and names to learn to write for the Kindys and it will be noisy and full of laughter which I have missed during my winter break. Not forgetting my blog posts about my Kindys that have been absent these past days because of no school. I can’t wait to relate to you guys all the funny and absurd things my Kindys do and say again.

So here is to next week full of laughter and fun Kindytime.

Kitty-Kat xox

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