Library Book

This book I have been reading for the past two days by The Reading Agency called Library Book is about Libraries/Books and 23 famous authors have written essays about Libraries and how they have literally changed their lives. From someone who has been an active member of a library since I was a small child this book makes you love them more. It is probably why I don’t understand the need to shut down libraries in the UK, most of the Authors in this book say if it wasn’t for their local library they wouldn’t be writing today, many came from upbringings where they couldn’t buy books at all.

Education has become a big issue world wide about literacy in our young children and yet civilized countries like Britain are closing libraries because they cost too much, it appears that the world may of gone completely mad.

I spent time when I was 24/25 years old as a Nanny in UK and the library in my local village was a godsend to me. I didn’t feel as alone and cut off from the world because I had a library card and it helped me adjust to my new life in a foreign country. If not for a library to find solace in I know I would of found it extremely difficult to settle into my new job and place in a small English village. To know that they are now closing libraries down saddens me. The children I nannied love our outings to not just our local library in the village, but when we would take the bus into Chichester and go to the big library. A place where the three of us would spend hours in the library finding books and reading them together.

It was a way for me to pass on my love of books to the next generation of children, so they may love books as much as I did. Books should be free to everyone and not too a chosen few.

I am a very fast reader and devour books at an extremely alarming rate, to me library books mean I can read all an author’s books without having to scroll Amazon and buy loads of books. Not to say that as a Booklover I do have more books than I could possibly read, that isn’t the point, it is that library make reading books fun, because one book can start a flame in you and before you know it, it’s a fire and many other books come your way.

This book has enlightened me in many ways, about the crisis of libraries future and that there is an organization like The Reading Agency doing something about it, not giving up. I am grateful for the local library in my native town here in Perth ,Western Australia and that so far they have not copied this practice. Libraries are places for our futures.

Kitty-Kat xox

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