Artist date with Freo

Yesterday I went on a bit of an artist date with myself and Fremantle. The last time I have been able to do this was last January in the Summer time, so it is only fitting to now go in the Wintertime.

When I first came to Freo after being dropped off by my Dad, I went first to check out the E shed markets across the railway line and on the Fremantle wharf which I know so well after a childhood of growing up there, but that is another story and possibly blog post so stay tuned for that one.

The E shed markets have a mixture of artsy stuff and souvernirs for the many tourists that pass through it’s doors on any given day. Even though it is slightly smaller than the original Fremantle markets on South Terrace it still has almost laid back Freo lifestyle we have come to be known for around the world.

I got myself some vintage postcards from one of the stalls that ranged from $1-$1.95 classic pictures of Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn among other that were old advertising posters of Pears soap to VW bug car. Items that will find there way into my journaling layouts for sure.

I got myself some Indian pasties which were packed full of veggies and had a kick in them for sure. At only 2 for $5 I thought they were a great deal and hit the spot. I also got from the E cafe a large chai latte that was heavenly indeed. The staff are a group of young women with goregous manners.

Then off to my cousin Amy’s art expedition which was fascinating and awesome show. It was also great to see her again and just talk about everything and anything since we hadn’t seen each other for awhile.

I love going to art shows and have been meaning to see Amy’s for awhile I wasn’t disappointed. I liked learning about her experience in Longyearbyen, Svalbard and the extreme weather she experienced there. The frozen world fascinates and scares me at the same time, being so cold and dark for months of the year would take some getting used too. I also think Amy had courage to venture out too a place few people ever do.

After the show and catch up I had to leave my cousin to her work with promises to do coffee sometime real soon.

New edition bookshop on high street is one of my favourite haunts in Freo along with Elizabeth bookshop on South Terrace. I can lose myself for hours literally in this bookshop strolling the aisles and running my fingers down the book’s spines. It is almost a spiritual experience for me and when I am lost or stressed this is a safe place for me to go and wander for awhile.

I ended up getting a few washi tapes and a book called “The accidental memoir “by Eve Makis and Anthony Cropper. It is a book to help you write your own story, along with prompts to help you along the way. I am extremely interested in writing and journaling at the moment too express myself.

After a stroll up high street I ended up at the woolstores and stopped at the cafe in there for a little dessert and a lime milkshake. I caught up on all the photos I had taken and also read a really old Living magazine. Of course a little people watching as well passed the time.

My artist’s date was a lovely day and in another season, but same place was a lot of fun. I liked seeing the trees without their leaves and the cold wind blowing through the grey streets of Fremantle which are so Winter in Freo. It was quiet because of the cloudy weather a chance of a shower, but never the less it was still Freo to me.

I always find I learn a lot more about myself when I go on these little day trips with just me nobody else. I never feel alone and I always feel truly alive on these dates. Creatively it puts me into the mood to start something new or take the plunge into the unknown.

I also find in Freo my childhood self is around every corner guiding me to old haunts as well as looking at new places with my artist eyes.

Now you may not know what an artist’s date is, author Julia Cameron came up with them in her book “The Artist’s way”. Among other activities and prompts it is time where you take out your inner artist and alone go somewhere. The only condition is it has got to be alone. My first one was way back in January so it has been a long time between dates, I am aiming to take them now atleast once a month. It is a way for you to spend time with just yourself I became a tourist in my own home town Fremantle. Where I ended up going places and doing things I haven’t done since a child. I highly recommend it for anyone needing a little pick me up.

I feel refreshed and got a lot of ideas now currently flowing in my mind. I even picked up my pen and started to create again, after a little hiatus.

Kitty-Kat xox

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