Holidays !!!!

After a long, long, long third term at school it is now holiday time 😄😄😄 It’s spring here in Perth, Western Australia and so time to get outdoors and enjoy the sunshine.

We have had lower numbers in the kindy room this last week, most have been out with a really bad flu that has hit late in the flu season. Lots of sunshine and beautiful days mean the kindys are having fun outside. We got a new load of white sand delivered to K/pp block so the kindys have been busy digging deeper and deeper holes. So far all kindys have been accounted for 😄

I have been dragging my feet these past days, and have been on countdown for the term too end. I love my job, but we all need time to relax and recharge after working full on with kindys. They give so much, but also need the most from us early childhood educators. So it is no surprise we need time to rest and regroup so we may jeep the fun and exciting things happening in kindy.

Now I am thinking of sleeping in, catching up on my art and journaling, as well as reading and spending time with my family and friends. I guess also having cups of tea and coffee that is not cold when I drink it too. It always the simple things I love when on holidays.

So wherever you maybe reading this happy spring or autumn.

Kitty-Kat xox

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