New hairstyle

New hairstyle 😎😎

I went for a big change yesterday, yes I finally got my hair cut very radically too. My hairdresser Todd was amazing and so excited to go on this wild ride with me. I had a google image and an idea in my head, that springboard me into my new look.

It took several hours because first my hair was cut and then I had this stuff in my hair to neutralize my colour. Then my chosen colour added and wham my new look was born.

I felt totally pampered the whole time with tea, magazines and people watching it was heaven for me, a well deserved break from school. I have been reading a lot about self-love lately and in my job teaching kindys it is something I take more seriously now than I have in the past. So on my holidays from school I am doing a lot of recharging and things that make me happy.

I have wanted for some time too cut my hair shorter and even got it cut into a cute little bob. But with kindys around me and little hands touching my hair all the time I thought time for a change. As well as having to always put my hair up I thought cutting it shorter would help me look after my hair better and easier to manage. So cut was planned and hairdresser booked.

Todd could see my hair before me and I could see he was happy. He did in fact take before and after photos on his phone as well as say I had totally made his day. When I saw it in the mirror I thought wow I could get into this for sure.

It has been a couple of days and I like it more and more, so glad I just went for it. I even washed it Sunday and found it so easy to wash and then style, without any blowdryer in sight, which was really brilliant. I did not want a new hairstyle that was more work and I have so found it in this style.

I can highly recommend just going for it and get that new hair cut you have been wanting. It may be scary to change in some ways, but you also don’t want to be stuck in one space too long either.

Kitty-Kat xox

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