Greetings from journals

I have been really enjoying my Spring holidays from school, alas they are almost over, but still I am making moments right up to the last little bit of time. So my journals are brimming with new life and ideas that I can hardly keep up with. I am enjoying my creative endeavors more and more, it is time for me and me alone. I am writing not only what happens at the moment, but also in my past and traveling days. Even a few childhood memories in there as well,it has been an awesome experience for me, able to let go of a lot of baggage as well as put down moments that may be forgotten in the craziness of everyday life.

My journal is my space where it is totally me talking. I love and adore colourful pages that make me smile when I open the journal up and look through it. As you can see through these photos I have developed my own style and that did not happen over night. I think as well as the look the words must be there as well filling the page up, and of course where else are they going to be ?

I have not just one journal, but a couple to help me spread my wings and fly writing all the little things I don’t ever want to forget. Little things that probably mean the most to me, moments that are so fleeting you wonder if they ever happened at all. At least with my journals my memories live on and not perish with me.

Kitty -Kat xox

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