Little thoughts

These pics of my journal pages I have done recently and how writing has helped me so much lately. Busy days means for tiredness and getting run down so instead I manage to get journal time in both morning and night feeling so much better for it as well.

I am letting go of stuff which makes for a happier me. I also feel messing around with my journal means I have time to just chill out. My stress levels have lowered somewhat and I ‘ve got the spring back in my step and feel so much younger indeed.

My thoughts have found a place to keep them safe and not lose my own mind.

My creativity is also up even if it is simply gluing collage papers down and a few notes here and there. I found my lust and love of writing again too which I had thought I had completely lost. I am so glad to find it once more.

This really is quite a blog post about little thoughts and all that jazz. Sometimes those little thoughts can turn into bigger ones that inspire me to do something greater than ever before.

I haven’t posted any blog posts for awhile and here I am doing three in one day. I guess that is just how it is ?

I love to write also on top of pictures and decorated pages. It just looks so pleasing to the eye and helps me fill pages I would otherwise leave quite blank indeed. I guess you are sick of me so away I go fast from here.

Kitty-Kat xox

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