A little break


I am back after a little hiatus of sorts, not that I planned one, mainly because it is how it simply turned out that way. I have been involved in my work as a kindy aide which can get very demanding at times, as well as life and my mental health have been not so good lately. But here I am ready to go and let you all into my life and world again. For whatever reason I always seemed to close in on myself when times get too overwhelming.

My journaling has gone full steam ahead, so much so that I am currently sorting out a new journal to move into once this one is full. It is so satisfying to see a journal filled too the brim with stuff. I have been turning too it more and more lately and at times it is the only think that makes me smile. So if a journal only lasts me a month or so that is good in my book.

I love the play with colours/textures /hues etc, I am a very tactile person at heart. I’ve been collaging a lot too with pages and then go back to write in them. It is chaotic at times because it is never one page after the other, I feel it works this way better for me. It is also the best therapy I know works for me.

Talk to you real soon.

Kitty-Kat xox

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