Elfie and Orty Kindy’s antics

We have a couple of visitors in Kindy at the moment, Elfie and Orty that have become our Kindy elves. And they have been causing havoc and laugher wherever they go.

It started with Elfie appearing in the Christmas lights near my desk, he also left a note for the class to introduce himself. The Kindys loved him from that moment on, they were so excited to see where he went or what he was doing. Elfie’s letter let them know he was from Santa and reported back to him every night on how the children were in the class. He also told them not to touch him or he loses his magic, a few of the Kindys broke this rule so Elfie went away for the whole afternoon. The other Kindys were devastated and so when he came back told the others not too touch him.

Then Tuesday Elfie’s friend Orty came to Kindy to help Elfie, he got the name from one of the Kindy’s called him Orty the naughty elf. Another letter came as well, but not before Elfie put toliet paper all over the bathroom and Teacher’s computer and whiteboard. The Kindys were beside themselves and Elfie got his own peg on our chart and was promptly put on a number 1 because he was breaking the rules. Then one of the Kindys saw Orty and they crowded around him near the art trolley and realized their was two elfies now.

The elves have caused such a problem with their antics that on Tuesday afternoon the kindys made a couple of traps to catch them. They all really took time to work out these amazing traps without any adult help at all. It really made me smile to see how the kindys have been really getting into the elves antics whole heartedly. Their imaginations are on overdrive which is good to see, no technology just a couple of elves and adult assistants.

Oh yes and yesterday the elves were found in the traps and this caused kindys to invite their families into the classroom to see them. A lot of the parents and carers told me that the kindys were all talking about these elves. It made me feel so happy to spread a little early Christmas cheer.

Kitty-Kat xox

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