Favourite designers

I do have quite a few favourites in design world, whether it be artisic, journal writers and surface patterns designers to name but a few. Some I will share with you in this blog post and others maybe will force me to write a follow up blog post too.

I follow on Instragram a young lady originally from Germany called Lynn who now lives and studies in the Netherlands. Her Instragram name is @loveslynnslife and through looking through her feed and watching her You tube channel I have found my Journal Mojo again.

Lynn does collage pages throughout her journal along with marks, washi tape and anything else she can her hands on. It is also her journaling which keeps me coming back for more. It has allowed me to become more organic in my own journal process. I am no longer afraid to take risks or try something totally foreign to me.

I like nothing better than too put on one of Lynn’s videos and totally lose myself in her journaling process and I love to hear her voiceover. She is real and doesn’t pretend to know everything and I find that pleasantly refreshing in today’s world. I try out washi tape edges on my journal pages and even have been sorting out a fauxbonich to start using next year.

Writing a journal can be a lonely at times and so I love how supportive the journaling community can be. Lynn must have dozens of people verying for her time and yet she always answers questions and gives out advice to fellow journal writers. This I am forever grateful too.

I have been able to finish one journal already this year and well on the way to finish another and found Lynn’s inspiration has helped me keep it up. And that if you don’t journal that is okay too, as long as you keep on keeping on.

Lynn tips in postcards, maps and even tea or food labels which has encouraged me to think out the box when including stuff in my journals. I’ve tried her collage edges which have been a real success and want too try her collage date labels as well. I find my own journals have become richer places and that it is truly what you want to make out of it.

Some of you out there in blogosphere may wonder why I am writing this ? That I must be getting something out of it ? Well you are wrong. I am simply writing this post because I want to share with other journal writers in the blogosphere there are so many amazing people out there it help inspire you on your journey into journaling. I have learnt so much about myself through my journal and I am so grateful for those people who have helped me along the way.

Lynn also has an Esty store where she sells button pins, postcards, notebooks and collage papers you can download and print yourself. She amazes what she does that as well as go to Uni full-time and life in general. Lynn knows I am writing this blog post about her and asked if I needed any help with it just ask. It is lovely to know in our world there are still genuine people around.

I highly recommend you check Lynn out especially if you need inspiration or wonder how to start journaling you will not regret it.

I will see you all next time with another designer who has influenced and inspired me recently.

Kitty-Kat xox

http://Instragram: @lynnloveslife

http://You tube: Lynnloveslife

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