Blue days

The last couple of days I have been feeling somewhat down, I guess it is that time of year, last term of school and all. My saving grace has been good friends and my trusty journal that is brimming with stuff. There isn’t one thing too pinpoint it is life as a whole. I don’t want to come across as whiny or precious princess, I have a great job, family and friends, but sometimes it is overwhelming. I know it will pass in time and I need to ride it out, but still the journey gets hard sometimes.

I also want people out there in the blogosphere to realize that it is ok to feel those things. It is not a crime and for far too long people have put mental health issues in the dark room, because it may embarrass them. I am here to say it is ok ! You don’t need to hide away or bury those feelings deep inside which only makes your situation worse still. You can let it out !

Sorry I will get off my soapbox again. I guess I feel extremely passionate about mental health issues and the support you truly need when it happens to you. It isn’t something to sweep under the carpet and it’s something often suffered in silence until awful events happen.

Kitty-Kat xox

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