Hello Summer

Well tomorrow the last day of November means Summer is around the corner, although our weather in Perth at the moment doesn’t really reflect that at all. It does however mean summer holidays are just around the corner and more time to spend with family and friends. It also is Christmas and those games of backyard cricket to be fought out amongst us Aussies everywhere.

I am not a fan of the overly hot weather here in Perth, but I do love the outdoor lifestyles we get to live here in Western Australia. Hours of sunlight are plentiful and just the laid back lifestyle of beach or river enjoying time near the water and not stuck inside. So hello Summer time, time to spend in coffee shops people watching and reading. Go to Rottnest and see a Quokka, take a road trip up north with one of my good friends. Lazy by the pool with friends and have a good laugh. Basicly forget for awhile about school and children, enjoy being me, Kylie not Miss Sanders for a few weeks.

Let me know what are your Summer plans ? Or what you love about Summer ?

Kitty-Kat xox

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