Another favourite designer

This blog post is about some other artists, surface pattern designers and journal writers that I admire and feel inspired by. I am spotlighting one per post just for a little fun. This post I am concentrating on designer Orla Kiely.

I have always loved the bright prints and patterns of the 1970’s and I feel that Kiely represents that era with her style and colours, they bring back my childhood in techno colour. I have been doing some reading about Orla Kiely for this post here and found out Kiely is from Ireland, but now based in London. Where she has a studio in Pimlico, London.

I love how Kiely started out designing hats, then went onto handbags,luggage,homeware and kitchenware, even has her designs on buses and murals on buildings. They are all so bright and cheerful they bring a smile to my face everytime I see one. It also inspires me to reach for the stars and know it is quite within my reach.

Enough of the bio stuff and onto the good stuff. I love the botanical designs and swedish hugge designs she does that practically jump off the page. I would love to take up surface pattern design course to be able to see my own patterns on people’s walls and soft furnishings, it would be amazing. I guess that it is why Kiely’s work speaks to me that in your face colours and designs, remind me of my own work, although on a different scale.

My journal even has a whole page dedicated to her designs, that make me smile whenever I look at it. I like to put colours together that are quite bold and patterns that sometimes clash, but really do go together. Kiely’s work is inspiring to me too be uniquely myself with my own abstract patterns. To always be true to myself and my art. Orla Kiely is one of my inspirations that I love to lose myself in amongst her collection of patterns all so vivid and vibrant than the next.

Kitty-Kat xox

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