Countdown to holidays

We have only three full days left with our Kindy class now, it’s happy to see how they have grown, but it is also with sadness we say goodbye to them all. They have been a great bunch of kindys and I can not wait to see what they achieve further in their school careers, it’s just this special time is over. The Kindys are looking forward to holidays and Christmas the most I think and are all excited about our elf visitors.

They have had painting everyday on an easel and just loving creating many paintings in their unique ways. We have had Graduation practise and Santa visit in the library today which was totally awesome for them. I think it has been an easy wind down for them and just being able to play is also a big part of Kindy. The Kindys are getting better sorting out problems between them and a few of our girls have been mother hen’s to one of our special needs child, they look after him makes sure he has his hat on and put his lunchbox away. It is very sweet to see these Kindys truly become little people with opinions and thoughts of their own.

I am glad for the holidays and onto new challenges and children in 2019, but I will never forget those Kindys in my class one matter how big they get. I plan to spend time with family and friends as well as pursuing my hobbies of journaling, art and writing my blog to name a few. It will be good to simply recharge my batteries and think of myself for a few weeks before getting back into it again in 2019 .

Anyway on the homeward stretch and feeling glad when I can get off this rollercoaster called Educational assistant for awhile. Of course never stop thinking of my Kindys and the stories they tell me. Just today I learnt all the names of the dinosaurs from one of the Kindys and also had my feet buried in sand by another one. It’s always an amazing ride.

Kitty-Kat xox

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