Last week of school

In the home stretch of the school year, one more week and off to holidays I go. Year 6’s graduation today as well as breakfast then tomorrow is Kindy graduation and class parties. There is also moving to another classroom as EA next year, so big clean out and pack up happening at the moment. I am finding stuff from quite a few years ago, it is amazing the stuff you collect of time without much care at all.

I am feeling relief that the school year is coming to a close, but also sad to say goodbye to the students I have had both in Kindy and Pp/Yr1, they have become very close in my heart. I know I will see them around the school but it won’t be the same as being in their class day in and day out. I am although extremely proud of them all and how far they have actually come in a year.

I am truly sad to be leaving my classroom that I have been in for several years, it feels like home to me and I have had so many amazing memories there as well. It hasn’t quite hit me yet but I know it will when I see the classroom empty and bare. The last time I leave that room would be so very sad indeed. It will be so very hard indeed.

I am also sorting out our reading room at school and that is truly a whole job in itself. At one stage on Friday there were several piles of books all over the desk and floor as well. I am not very good with maths as a whole but very good at writing out and memorizing a string of numbers in my head. This helps when you have to write out and check off barcodes on reading books for a couple of hours. As well as my obsession with highlighting those books on list or not very OCD in that area.

I however plan no matter how busy it gets this week I will stop and just enjoy the moment, because it will go so fast and I don’t want to miss a thing. I know too my journal will be overflowing with moments collected over this very special week.

Ciao for now

Kitty-Kat xox

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