Creative muse

This is another post about designers or journal creator’s that I get inspiration and as well enjoy their work. Today I am focusing on Courtney Diaz from Little Raven Ink, who is a Mum of two, as well as being a mixed media artist, who loves colour and is a left handed like me and is also from Australia too. I have been following her for awhile on YouTube as well as Facebook and find her videos full of colour and loads of fun.

Courtney also has these little ink monsters that she is always drawing and ending up in her journaling. I love her style of journaling which is quite organic in method, where at times it is writing, or adding colour to the pages to inspire her to write upon them her thoughts and fears. Courtney also inspires me in the way she uses her journal rather like I do to help when times are tough mentally and you need an outlet from it all.

I also love the way she has been able to make a living at home with her mixed media work. It inspires me to got for it myself and that it isn’t out of my reach job wise. Courtney’s You tube channel is my go too when I need a little push to create in my own journals, she has a video about just showing up even when you don’t feel creative at all, it’s a video that I have watched a few times myself. Courtney also says just putting some colour on the paper is enough, maybe a little of washi tape here and there too. It is also inspiring to see that like me, Courtney doesn’t finish one page after another but jumps from one to another one when she just doesn’t feel the love. It kinda makes me feel less alone in the world really.

You need to check her out on social media and will definitely not be sorry you did.

Kitty-Kat xox

http://Little Raven Ink YouTube

http://Courtney Diaz: Little Raven InkFacebook

http://@littleravenink Instragram

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