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I appear on a roll with these blog posts and many of you will be seeing a lot more from me now that I have a week till school hoildays. I always find with my blog that it is feast or famine, at times I struggle to write a thing and next I am putting out several posts on all sorts of things happening in my life. I think this may be one of those times.

I find even if I am not currently writing or creating in my journal it is always by my side. Life can get kinda of crazy this time of year with Christmas and with my work at school as an EA. My journal or reading about other people’s journals keep me sane during it all.

Ali Brown is a photographer by profession, but also has an awesome journal as well full of so much awesome stuff. I discovered her awhile ago on YouTube and basically watched all her videos that I could get my hands on. It is through Ali I discovered tip ins and my world of journaling changed forever quite literally overnight. Tip ins became this amazing technique that meant I could put more into my journal not just on the page, but stuff such as pictures or project life cards that made my journal become multi dimensional. I had been totally clueless of this technique for quite some time I wondered how I didn’t come across it sooner. Now of course I am making up for lost time indeed.

Ali Brown has also inspire me to get out my watercolours paints and paint these outstanding backgrounds in my MTN. Something I had been thinking a lot about but needed that extra push seeing Ali’s MTN journal. Now I wonder how my journal and love of art and colour couldn’t be combined a lot sooner. Well now they are and I am feeling so much happier about my journaling. I don’t feel like my art has to suffer as well it can simply be put in these pages as well. It is perfectly okay to put art and my love of journaling together so that I have the best of both worlds.

Ali Brown comes from San Antonio, Texas and is a Wife and Mother to boot. She amazes me with all that she does, but also has the guts to pull back from things when she needs to be there for her family.

Look her up :

http://@alibrown Instragram

http://Ali Brown Facebook

http://Ali Brown YouTube

Kitty-Kat xox

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