Kindy moments

Yesterday was the Kindy graduation and what a full on day it turned out to be. We had a chill type of day with mostly play and rehearsal for the big moment. Then there were recess and lunch marking the last full kindy day for the year.

Then the moment came the Kindy graduation, we were all nervous and there was some windy conditions to contend with that took their graduation hats away. We sang “Baby Shark ” to a standing applause and it all went off like a dream, yes little things happened but it only added to the performance as a whole. Graduation scrolls were handed out and pictures taken by proud parents. Book awards were handed out and then the final song “We wish you a merry Christmas ” then before you knew it, it was all over and done with.

I was so proud of my Kindys who spoke at the assembly with pose and style beyond their young years. They all handled the crowd and noise with maturity beyond their years. I felt nervous, but so very proud of each and every one of them. I am gonna miss each of them as truly goregous, individuals and everyone uniquely themselves without a question.

The class party was awesome and full of laughter and a lot of food ! It was a huge mess, but it was also so much fun and a pleasure to clean up because they had a ball. Our cleaner was a good sport about the mess and what a mess we made.

It’s sad too I have been cleaning out our classroom once full, now a bare shell. It is gonna be hard to leave it after so many years and memories galore. I left school yesterday with boxes of stuff all over my desk and in the kitchen as well as an empty art trolley too boot. I guess when I finally walk out of that classroom this afternoon for the last time it will hit me. But then I am moving onto greener pastures and new experiences to be had and working with some truly amazing people. As well a change is as good as a holiday.

As I write this I am sitting on my bed ready to go off to school for Kindy the last time. I am making moments for the Kindys to always treasure as they make their way throughout school. I am also hoarding moments for myself to treasure always of my time with some truly amazing people.

It’s sad to leave my Kindy Teacher and Special needs assistant, we have had so many happy times mixed in with not so great times, but always with laughter and talk we have made it through our Kindy year. It will be hard to not spend all day every day with each other and share our warped sense of humour with the rest of the block. We will manage but will certainly end up causing havoc in the classes we end up in.

Kindys have a wet and wild this morning and then it will go like lightning and before you know it we will be saying goodbye for the year. I am sure there will be tears and tissues, but hey we started the Kindy year in the very same way.

Kitty-Kat xox

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