Kindy moments

This is my last Kindy moments for the year and my goodness I am gonna miss all these kindys that were in my class this year. They have made me laugh and touched my heart and soul with simply being themselves nobody else. I got spoilt with Chrissy presents and most were hand picked by the Kindys themselves. One Kindy brought me three rocks because he didn’t have much but picked those rocks for me. I will definitely miss him so much since he is too go to a new school next year. I know he will charm them all with his cheeky smile and his big smile.

We had a wet and wild day that the Kindys loved going on a water slide and then playing games before they went on huge bouncy castle. Such a great way to finish Kindy for the year. I think it hasn’t dawned on them yet that school has finished, and that next year they will all be in PP instead. Oh to be young again.

When we said goodbye for the last time brought tears too my eyes and I know the Teacher I worked with felt the same way. Sad, but happy for all our Kindys who have grown so much in only a year. Some have overcome so much to be where they are now.

So goodbye for the moment to Kindy moments which will return in the new school year come early February.

Kitty-Kat xox

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