Where has Summer gone ?

Looking out my window this morning you would think it was Winter with the clouds and rain we had. Summer has appeared to have taken quite a nosedive it seems. Yes we have had several days of hot weather, but mixed in with cool days and cooler nights. Hey I am not complaining, because personally I hate the really hot and humid weather, but it just seems rather weird indeed.

It’s meant to be 38’c by Friday, but after that it’s up in the air. I guess we are in for a Summer like earlier this year, with a mixed bag of weather conditions. Welcome to Summer here in Perth, Western Australia.

It makes you wonder where has our Summer gone ? Simply vanishes from one moment till the next. I’m sure come Christmas we will have hot days and balmy nights to boot. I guess the Summer will be what it is.

All I know myself is it will be a time of fun and carefree moments to share in my journal as well as my blog. Places and people I see and moments I experience myself. Time to recharge ready for the new year and new class of Kindys and PP.

Time to spend out doors and to be mellow.Time to journal and read.

Kitty-Kat xox

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