Book crazy

I nothing better than to walk up and down aisles of bookshops and libraries to find a hidden treasure in the guise of a book. Sometimes it is rather easy, they appear to jump out at you to be taken home and read. Other times you really need to search them out and after what seems a few false starts you find the perfect story to lose yourself within.

I guess I have always been obsessed with books and reading all my life. They have let me into their worlds when my own has been full of darkness and no light. Books are my friends and are great to take anywhere. They are also full of my favourite things words and lots of them. I have always been word hungry from since I don’t know when, I had to know what the word was I had stumbled across and know how to say it as well.

My bedroom is full of books and nothing is better than to fall asleep with a book alongside you. A tower of books is an awesome sight indeed to see. Yes at times you need to let go of some books to let others in, but that is the beauty of joining a library, where you get to take books home for free. As long as I have books by my side the world is always a little brighter to me.

Now it is Summer holidays here in Perth,Western Australia I can read till my heart’s content. I have also read two books since Thursday when school broke up and I started holidays. And there are many more for me to read for the rest of Summer.

Happy reading this holiday season from Kitty-Kat xox

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