Slow times

I have finally gotten off the crazy rollercoaster called Christmas time for school and kindys. Now my pace is much slower and I can simply enjoy, not racing around the countryside like I have been since Fourth term started back in October. When life gets hectic I don’t enjoy it as much, I love to take my time not rush everywhere. I am somewhat a dreamer in that way, stare at the clouds and blue sky kinda girl.

Now my pace is much slower and if I don’t get a task done, there is no pressure, it will get done in the end. I feel because I am on holidays it’s time to simply enjoy the little things in my life. I am enjoying drinking a hot cup of tea without Kindys wanting to know my every move, I am also enjoying eating a meal and not having to watch the clock at all. These little things mean more to me than any material items.

I am also able to spend more time on my other interests such as this blog and my journaling. These things are often on the back burner during school term and now they are centre stage if only for the Summer. Although that isn’t exactly true I journal all year long, but it seems come Summer time I have more time to spend at my journal and finish little projects in it off.

Reading is another interest I enjoy now that all my school commitments are over for now. I have enjoyed picking out books to read and steadily getting through my mountain of books to read in my bedroom. I am also finding my love of words and my spelling has also improved since I have been reading more regular basis. It has also helped me mentally keep on an even keel for the past couple of weeks, where I have had a few hiccups here and there. When I read I find myself able to escape my own world for awhile that also helps me deal with my own reality somewhat better than I have been.

I guess it is also true a change is as good as a holiday, because I am sure feeling very happy and content at the moment. Don’t get me wrong I very much love my job and the children and people I work with, it’s just times when I need to get away from it all and recharge myself and my passion for doing what I am doing. I am not into fast pace lifestyles and sometimes rather be far from city lights at times to just get away.

Here are so lovely pictures of blue skies and clouds of summer times. Maybe wistful memories for those reading in our Northern hemisphere who are now in Wintertime,but hey for us in Australia, Summer time is here which means Chrissy time and school holidays.

So here is to my Summer of slow times and rich memories to share with you all that follow my blog.

Kitty-Kat xox

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