Reading moments

I love to see children read.

This book has captivated my imagination for the past couple of days. And as I grow closer to it’s conclusion, I am greatly saddened to leave it’s characters behind, that have become real people to me. Alas every book I read does that to me, leaves me sad because everything ends.

And yet I keep coming back for more, but I can’t help it reading is amazing and I learn so much from it. There is the story to lose yourself in, but there is also the new words to learn as well as learning to see things from another person’s point of view. This can at times be quite hard, especially if it is coming from a view very alien to you or maybe a different time period from your own.

Funny enough I can’t listen to my favourite music when reading because I end up focusing on the lyrics to the song and not the book before me. However I do listen to classical music or instrumental music instead so the only words in my head are from the book I am reading and not anything else.

I am just coming out of a big period where I hadn’t read a lot and that happens to me at times. For whatever reason I just can’t focus on the story or book in front of me. It’s happened a lot since I was first diagnosed with Cancer in 2007 and even more so since having Chemo in 2015/2016. Those times I simply don’t push it and just go on with my journaling and read when I can, it used to sadden me a lot when it first happened to me, but now I can cope with it and simply ride it out. I know it won’t last forever even if it feels that way to a booklover like me.

It also makes me appreciate reading and books so much more, that it is a great gift to be able to read and write that should never be taken for granted and that in a blink of an eye it can be taken away from you. I guess that is why I enjoy hearing the children I work with at school read to me. They have learnt that all the letters in the alphabet make words which in turn make words that you can then use to make stories up. I also love to see their little faces light up when they manage to read a really tricky word.

Well this post has certainly turned into more than the book I was reading, which I still have failed to tell you readers about. Basically it is about a young girl called Bitterblue and who is now Queen of her people. Her Father who was King before her was a brutal man who tortured and abused his people including his wife and daughter. Because it is set in a fantasy world Leck had a power they call Grace his was being able to control those around him thoughts. A very dangerous power you can imagine in the hands of a very evil man.

Bitterblue decides that she needs to see what is really happening in her Kingdom, and so she starts to sneak out of the castle at night to listen to the stories people are telling in the local pubs. She soon discovers that her advisers are lying to her and burying her in a mountain of paperwork so she doesn’t ask too many questions.

Bitterblue meets to young men that open up a world to her that she can’t imagine. She takes the name Sparks and finds the world an easier place when nobody knows your Queen. It is truly a gorgeous story about being true to yourself as well as people do lie to you sometimes and finding that out when you are young person can really rock your entire world and belief system as a whole.

There is also a love story in there and the power of friendship when times get tough and who you can rely upon. It was a young adult novel, but as an adult I enjoyed it just as much as any young person would. There are two more of her books available after this one, that I am thinking of giving them a go, not sure if they are a carry on or simply new story in the same universe.

So there you go finally the book review, I knew I would get to it eventually after going on about books and reading for a few paragraphs.

Happy Reading to you all in the blogosphere 😁

Kitty-Kat xox

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