Notes from Oz

Hello there in the blogosphere ! I guess we all are getting over Christmas now ? I hope it was lovely day or that you spent it with people or doing stuff you enjoy doing.

My Christmas was quiet, with my family and listening to Christmas songs and catching up with my journaling and yes a lot of reading. It may seem very unexciting, but after doing Christmas for my Kindy children at school I get a little drained and only too happy for a quiet Christmas day.

The weather here in Perth, Western Australia has been rather hot and so you really don’t feel like doing a lot accept keep cool. So Christmas feels and looks a bit different here in Australia, no snow, but still wine only it is chilled not mulled.

I guess I am the most Christmasy person in my house so pretty much until the end of December, Christmas songs will be played on repeat. Oh yeah discovered Spotify recently so hooked on all my music at my fingertips. Why I hadn’t used it before is anybody’s guess ? Anyway totally got my favourite tunes playing non-stop on my smartphone. I have been re-living the 1980’s over again which appears to match the soundtrack of Summertime over here in Perth. Is it just me or the music back then was so much crisper and seemed to mean more to me as a kid growing up at the time ?

Don’t get me wrong I do love music today, but it’s just it had a different feel back then. Or maybe I am being nostalgic rosy coloured glasses Pollyanna.

As I write this post the weather outside is amazing with a few of those fluffy white clouds, we all seem to draw when we were kids, the rest is nothing but blue sky and the sun shining. I hope this post brings a little bit of sunshine your way wherever you maybe.

I’ve done some post Christmas shopping at Spotlight and Officeworks near me and picked up a few bargains here and there. As well as spent some time with my folks, as I am currently on Summer break from school (work as an Kindy aide) and like to do things with my family. We had Subway for lunch which was yummy if the service was rather slow, but hey you get that at times.

I did an act of kindness as well at the ATM at my local shops and helped an elderly man work the machine, he was having a lot of trouble and so I walked him through what to do. My heart went out to him, because it is all rather confusing to me I can’t imagine how it would be for him. He thanked me and I felt rather protective of him and kept an eye on him in the food court as well. I would hate somebody take advantage of him, he appeared vulnerable to me and a little lost. I was only too glad to help him.

It made me realize that kindness doesn’t cost you anything to help somebody else, only a few moments of your time or the odd comment and here and there of encouragement is what anybody really needs. Just be kind a wise man said last Christmas and I think they are perfect words to live by.

I also strongly believe that what you put out into the universe comes back to you three fold. Simple, treat people the way you want to be treated and maybe just take a deep breath and a chill pill this Christmas and New year before going out. Be kind.

Sorry I have got off my little soapbox and packed it away until next time, whenever that maybe. So nothing else to say from ” Notes from Oz ” but of course; Merry Christmas and Happy New year 🍹

Kitty-Kat xox

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