Spring cleaning

Yesterday was a full on day where I did some major decluttering of my bedroom, and boy did it seriously took a lot out of me. My lower back is rather tender this morning as I write this blog post and even though I have more too do, I am having a day of rest.

I can not believe the stuff I either threw out, put in recycling or put aside to go down to Salvos. It blew my mind the amount of stuff I truly had packed into my bedroom! I guess that is why I was getting so unhappy with my stuff dominating my life, being in my face in the one place I call my safety zone, my happy place.

Well guess what I have taken it back for myself. Rather like this blog, doing it for myself and myself alone. My Mum bless her asked if I truly wanted to give these things up and my answer without question was “YES !”

During the week I am going shopping for a desk and trolley from IKEA, so roll on having a dedicated craft area for me. So I can journal at my desk and not just my bed, I also want somewhere to be able to express myself and can have my stuff out on a table.

It feels good to have taken the plunge and just gone for it no looking back, this is one of those times where I surprise myself with my strength and determination to do something I truly wanted too. Now I can sit back and be proud of what I have achieved and a new room to boot as well.


Kitty-Kat xox

P.s: Is it still Spring cleaning when it’s Summertime ?

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