Goodbye 2018

I cannot believe that this year is almost over ? It only seemed like yesterday it was January and now here we are ready to celebrate another new year tomorrow night.

It has been a year where I have really and truly found my voice both as a blogger, but also through my journaling and really become myself after a few years where I wasn’t too sure who I was. I also found a friend when I wasn’t really looking and she has become a big part of my working life as well away from work.

I have laughed more and cried more than any other time in my life, which believe me is a good thing. I feel like I have come out of my cancer recurrence and chemo as the person I knew I always could be. My confidence has grown and I have learnt what true friends mean.

I also had to say goodbye to a place that has been my security and safe place to fall, which meant letting go of some ghosts. I realize things happen for a reason, I might not like the said reason, but hey that is life.

I have cleansed myself and my room to bring in the new year with a place to call my own. I have decluttered clothes and other items I haven’t needed and felt emotionally free of a lot of negative baggage, I have been carrying around, without completely knowing why.

At times 2018 has challenged me, but I have risen to those challenges and become better for it. I have found my spark and feel more like the Kylie of old, before life threw me a curve ball. I am stronger and happier than I have been in years.

I loved being the Kindy aide to my B8 Kindys, and look back what an incredible year they all had, and that they opened my eyes to the world around me, in ways I had never experienced before. I loved our chats on the back verandah and watching life pass by. I never get tired of it and can’t wait to see the new Kindys I get.

I feel like 2018 just stormed through and next thing you know it will be 2019. I just got used to writing 2018 and now I have to write 2019, I guess I am not the only one who spends most of January writing 2018 ?

Today I feel like I am reflecting on the last couple of months and though it is sad to say goodbye, I feel excited somewhat to see what is going to happen in 2019. I have new things to learn, as well as a new place to call home at work B10. I also feel my blog and journaling are going to take centre stage in 2019 as well as more of my art, becoming a focus. I guess too I want to also focus on my own self-care as well so I won’t get myself run down like this year has been.

So as the time runs down to 2019 I will take a deep breath and moment to just enjoy this year ending, nothing more and nothing less.

Good luck to you all in the blogosphere and happy New year !


Kitty-Kat xox

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