Countdown to new desk

I have been wanting for some time a little desk/ space of my own, and now, or very soon I will be getting a small desk from IKEA. I looked around online and settled on the IKEA one, because it suits a smaller space and had a cut out where all your cords can hide out of the way.

I just wanted a simple craft area dedicated to my hobbies journaling and blogging as well as a little art thrown in. A place where I can take cool pictures and publish on my Social media sites. So that dream is days away and I am becoming more and more excited about it.

Tomorrow New Year’s day I will be spending decluttering more of my bedroom in preparation for my new Micke desk. I went with the classic white colour, which will match my old style wooden chain incidentally from my childhood bedroom. I guess you could call that the ultimate upsizing.

I was a little naughty and brought some stuff to sit on my desk, coffee mug to put my pens and pencils in, a battery candle that burn rainbow colours, a light up sign and a photo frame with the word “Hello” which you put the pic on top of the letters. I couldn’t believe how good I was and only shopped for what I needed nothing more.

I am using my Christmas money to buy the desk as well as cart from IKEA which my Mum is really happy about, not just blowing it on silly stuff that doesn’t last. I feel all the tidying up I did on Saturday brings me closer to my dream and after tomorrow it will be that much closer. It’s about taking my room back from my stuff and not letting my stuff rule my life, objects shouldn’t be kept at the expense of happiness, I am now beginning to really believe that.

I think we are too much a consumer society and sometimes don’t really know why we have all these material things ? I fall into this trap time and time again, now I am going to make a stand and cut back a little. I want to enjoy life, not be obsessed with material things. It doesn’t mean my room will ever be completely tidy, but at least a little more orderly.

I get off topic though, new desk arriving in 1 day and 1 night.


Kitty-Kat xox

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